Hi, I am Luiz Schirmer.

Research Assistant at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)

Postdoc Researcher at IMPA

Department of Informatics PUC-Rio

lschirmer [at] inf.puc-rio.br

[LinkedIn] [scholar]

I am a software developer and researcher skilled in Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, and Computer Vision. I completed my Ph.D. at PUC-Rio, advised by Professor Hélio Lopes. Also, during my Ph.D., I spent time at the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) working with Professor Luiz Velho. Before starting my Ph.D., I obtained a Master's degree in Informatics from PUC-Rio and a Bachelor in Computer Science from UFSM, where I worked with Professor Cesar Pozzer. Also, in the past, I worked with Professor Waldemar Celes at Tecgraf Institute on the project Geresim: Reservoir Simulation Management.

My research is primarily related to multilinear (tensor) algebra and Deep Learning for Computer Vision. I'm also very interested in Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning in general.


An End-to-end Framework for 3D Capture and Human Digitization with a Single RGB Camera [link]

Luiz Schirmer, Djalma Lúcio, Luiz Velho, Hélio Lopes

Eurographics 2020

Tensorpose: Real-time pose estimation for interactive applications [link]

Luiz Schirmer, Djalma Lúcio, Alberto Raposo, Luiz Velho, Hélio Lopes

Computers & Graphics, 2019

A lightweight 2D Pose Machine with attention enhancement [link]

Luiz Schirmer, Djalma Lúcio, Alberto Raposo, Luiz Velho, Hélio Lopes

33rd SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images , 2020

Globo Face Stream: A System for Video Meta-data Generation in an Entertainment Industry Setting [link]

Rafael Pena , Felipe A. Ferreira , Frederico Caroli , Luiz Schirmer and Helio Lopes

International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) , 2020

*Best Paper Award

Incorporating Dynamic Production-Logging Data to the Permeability-Estimation Workflow Using Machine Learning [link]

Ciro S. Guimarães , Luiz Schirmer ,Guilherme Schardong ,Abelardo B. Barreto Jr, Hélio Lopes

Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, 2020

*Petrobras Fellowship

Appellate Court Modifications Extraction for Portuguese [link]

William Fernandez, Luiz Schirmer , Isabella Zalcberg Frajhof, Guilherme da Franca Couto Fernandes de Almeida, Carlos Nelson Konder, Rafael Nasser, Gustavo Robichez, · Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa, Hélio Lopes

Artifcial Intelligence and Law , 2020

Understanding Documents with Hyperknowledge Specifications [link]

Marcio Moreno, Luiz Schirmer, Maximilien Bayser, Rafael Brandão, Renato Cerqueira

ACM Symposium on Document Engineering, 2018

*IBM Research partnership

CrimeVis: An Interactive Visualization System for Analyzing Crime Data in the State of Rio de Janeiro [link]

Luiz Schirmer, Sonia Fiol-González, Cassio FP Almeida, Simone DJ Barbosa, Hélio Lopes

International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) , 2017

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation System based on Games with Natural Interfaces [link]

Luiz Schirmer, Luiz Eduardo Viegas Flores , Marcos Cordeiro D’Ornellas , Cesar T. Pozzer

Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment (SBGAMES), 2012

*Best paper award